Your Giorgio Mammoliti quiz

All right, class, pop quiz.

Which of these words was said by former union leader and NDP politician and current Ford whip and communist hunter Giorgio Mammoliti today as he questioned city manager Joe Pennachetti on OneCity?

A) “What is this OneCity thing that came out?”

B) OneCity is unfair because it provides transit to “one quarter of the city”, not “every pocket of the city.” 

C) “This is like Groundhog Day.” 

D) Councillors who support this are “flip-floppers” for previously supporting LRT in certain areas and now proposing subways elsewhere. 

E) “Where’s Waldo?” 

F) Has the city manager been “taken off his game” by OneCity?

G) All of the above, because Mammoliti.  

If you didn’t answer G then keep on reading this blog, because you don’t know Mammoliti well enough. If you answered G, then keep reading for more journeys with Giorgio.

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